• Our ideal home is an apartment, in the neigbourhood of Messi: 

    in Spain in Barcelona. It's very modern and luxurious. It's fully furnished. We have got four floors (150m²). There are twenty bedrooms one kitchen per floor, there is a  cinema-room, a swimming pool,

    a sport-room, a videogame-room.

    Outdoor we have an enomous football stadium. In the apartement the sea view is beautiful !!!happy


    The garage is big, the car is very luxurious

    Our favourite room is the sport-room, we love  basket-ball and football !!!yes

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    We live under the ocean in a very big villa. The villa has six floors. We have twenty luxurious toilets, twenty big bedrooms and seven kitchens. 

    A cleaning lady cleans the villa. We have a big garden.

     In the dome the dog loves playing in the garden with the ball. We have a bar with whiskies, Jack Daniel, Wine... a lot of drinks.

    We love our villa and ourdog loves fish.

    A special assistant cooks  pizzas 24 hours a day. We have a tamed whale in an enormous aquarium. 







  • Our ideal home is a cosy villa in the city center of London .

    There are a lot of neighbours in front of the villa.

    There are a lot of bedrooms which are spacious and a big living-room. There is a modern kitchen and a hall. There are three bathrooms and two toilets. In the villa there is also a gym room and a swimming pool. In the living-room there is a big TV and a huge sofa.The table is black, the chairs are white, the sofa is grey .

    In the game room there is a cinema, a computer. We listen to  music in our favourite room.


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                                                                                 CANDYCE ET MAILLYS


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  • Hello, I'm John and I'm keen on video games to play.

    I don't get much moneycry.

    With my little pocket money, I buy video games: Minecraft, Cs-Go, Bat-man^^...

    But I get money for my Birthday and when I have good marks.

    I earn £30 a month.

    Nobody helps me.



    Make Killian and Eliott.

  • Hi, I'm Julia!smile I live in London and I am 17. I am from a poor enough family  because my mother is unemployed. To earn some pocket money, I help anyone by walking dogs in the neighbourhood. With this, I earn $10 a day. I can't stand feeling uselessno. Apart from that, I look after children and babies because I'm crazy about them and I earn $30 a week. I enjoy those experiments !cool 

    My phone number and my email:  





    I share my pocket money with my parents and I save for a travel in Australia ! It's been a long time do this some activities and I during next year, I travelling on Sydney, I hurry  winktongue



     Lilou, Juliette

  • Hello ! My name is Alex, and I'm just crazy about  my collection of  small cars yes and I earn a little pocket money with my parents. So,  it's not enough for me and to buy small cars,  I go to people's, to look after babies  to earn extra money money. intello

    There are small cars everywhere in my home, even if it is expensive, I'm keen on it ! 

    When I have some money, I buy one or two small cars to extend my collection.cool

    Sometimes, I swap one worn out small car , for a new thing. smile

     Goodbye everybody !



    Enzo & Kalil.       With My Pocket Money :

  • Hello, I'm Justine and I'm just crazy about shopping for decorations cool !!!


    I don't have much Pocket money but I do a car boot sales and I sell a few things  to earn money intello.


    After having collected much money, I buy decorations for my bedroom ( I buy candles, cushions, paintings, flowers ...) winktongue.


    After saving the money, I buy a lot of cheap presents for my friends and I swap a lot of things in exchange of presents from my friends yes !

    My adresse e-mail is : justine.lf@gmail.com !



    get my pocket money

    Noémie, Manon

  • Hello! My name is Lisa. 

    My parents never give me much pocket money.cry

    I earn pocket money by babysitting, helping  people to do their shopping and cleaning.

    I win $100 a month.happy

    With my friends, I go shopping every weekend.glasses

    Most of the time I buy  make-up and high heel shoes.

    I give the money left to my parents.

                                                          lilisa@hotmail.fr                          lilisa@hotmail.fr



    Lola Poisson et Marine Portanguen

  •                           Zelda ocarina of time     


    This game has been published in 1998.

    This Zelda is the best one ever.

    There's ten dungeon in all the game and hundreds of quest (golden skulltulas , hearts pièces, ...).

    There's plenty of funy mini-games!  

    It was a Nintendo 64 game (and gamecube) before being on the 3DS.

    volcania boss of the fire temple. My favourite one!


    For lot's of people the harder temple is the water temple.

    In 2003 the master quest version is published! 


  • Our house is Under the sea . 

    Our house is in  Hawai.

    In the house, there are five bedrooms , two enormous discos , forty jacuzzis .

    We have two enormous aquariums with sharks.

    Our house is made of glass.

    There is a football ground.

    There are  five cinemas. 

    There is an amusement park.

    Finally,  to get the house , there is a very fun slide .

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    I'd like to live in a villa in New York City. It's a beautiful house !

    There are fifty bedrooms, twenty-six bathrooms , a very big garden and a big swimming pool. In our living room there is a home cinema, a lot of massage sofas.

    In our garden there is a nice ice rink and in our swimming pool there are a slides. There is a another cushion swimming pool. A lot of stars come to our villa because it's next to the city.happy

     Lisa et Maëva wink2

  •           biggrin Our dream house biggrin

    The house of our dreams is in the Reunion islands .

    It's the biggest house in the world .

    There are twenty bedrooms, ten bathrooms and three wash basins, one shower, one bathtub, one jacuzzi in each.

    There are five living rooms with everything in it .

    There are six toilets .

    there are four kitchens with everything in it .

    there are two sports rooms and one cinema and two  playrooms .

    There is a big big big garden with four swimming pools, four jacuzzis, one skate park, one big beach for surfing, one big zen garden and one butterfly garden.

    There are ten cars.cool



    The house of my dream

    is a Bungalow on the snow mountain. There are 3 bedrooms  but there aren't any neighbours. There are 2 bathrooms and 3 toilets. There is a  big kitchen. There isn't any traffic because we have a helicopter and a snow bike. There isn't  any pollution. There is a ski room. There is a cinema in the underground of our bungalow with a big screen  all around the wall.My Ideal House


    Presentation of our ideal house.

    Our ideal house is an enormous villa on a beautiful hill of San Francisco. In this house there are two big floors. There are four bedrooms, a large living-room with a big tv, a kitchen and two toilets. There is a small basketball field. There is a gaming room with two computers, one Xbox One, a babyfoot. There is a big pool, a beautiful garden with a small tree-house.

    Our ideal house !

  • My house on a mountain 


    My house is on a Tibet mountain. It's a chalet with 5 rooms (1 bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 living room and 1 attic). There's a path to the garden and another one to the horse  stable. There's ansmaller house, where I work and where I film gaming videos!  



    My favourite room is the living room because there's a chimmey , I often read a book in front of it.The house is made in stone and in spruce.



    It's very snowy