• He is Calvin HARRIS, he is 33 years old

    It is his second CD called "Summer". He is a singer-songwriter. He sings modern music . The lyrics are funky. He plays the keyboards. He lives in the  United Kingdom (Dumfries and Galloway Scotland).


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  • SIA


    This song is a beautiful song because the lyrics are very nice winktongue.

    It is positive, powerful but a little sad. Sia is australien, she's  41 years old. 

    She loves singing pop, jazz and electropop songs !!! She is a songwriter.

    She doesn't play an instrument,  she just sings.

  • Jeanne Le Corff

    Katell Girard

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    Charlie Puth is a singer, musician and a composer.

    He was born on 2 December 1991.

    He is 25 years old.

    He is popular.

    He plays the guitar and piano.

    He plays pop and soul.

    We like  the song: Attention a lot.

    The words are sad but the song is happy, cool. 

    The words are repetive.

    The song speaks about a  girl.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "image de puth"



  • Zara this is a Swede singer, she is popular thanks to her song Uncover. The lyrics are sad. She sings pop.

    We feel  relaxed when we listen to her song. She makes song in 2015. We like this song because it is  gentle, we can zara larsson

     listen to it in the morning, in the aftenoon and in the evening.

  • JOAN ,BENJAMIN                                                    5eme S                                                            

     His name is CHARLIE PUTH. He is 25 years old, he was born  in New Jersey, in the USA. He sings pop soul and R&B. His most famous song is ATTENTION. It is a good song.



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  • GUY JAMES ROBIN is 28 years old. His stage name is JONAS BLUE.

    He is a DJ and producer. He plays POP music.


    I like his first single "fast car" because this song is a song cover of TRACY CHAPMAN.

    I really love  the song "WILLIAN SINGE".

    But, I don't like his latest album.

    It 's very difficult to criticize this artist because he is very famous and gifted.




    He made 7 music.


    His music is always rhythmic.


    The decor of his music billie jean is a prison.


    In his thriller music he is a werewolf.

  • Michael Jackson 

    His name is Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is a good singer . His 7

    albums : Off the wall(1979), Thriller(1982), Bad(1987), Dangerous(1991),

    Histoy(1995), Blood on the Danse Floor(1997) and Invincible (2001) . 

    michael jackson

  • U2 play rock. They are very popular. There are four people. Bono is the singer,  Edge plays the guitar, the piano ,Adam clayton plays the bass guitar and Larry Mullen jr plays the drums. The group is old. Our favorite titles are "ONE", "SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY", "WITH OR WITHOUT YOU".Résultat de recherche d'images pour "u2"




  • Beat  is a song of the Thriller album.                                           

    This song is a great success

    He sells 51 millions records.

    His songs makes you want to dance

    Beat it review







    Michael Jackson receives a trophy in 1989!!!

    He was born on 29 august 1958


  • Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars was born on October 8, 1985, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

     Its chason are : That's What I Like ,Versace on the Floor and 24K Magic .It measures 1.65 mete

  • Hello!Drake is a American rapper.He realeased an album on June 14,2010.Drake is the third rapper to reach the billion view with " Hotling Bling",it is with this title that has become famous.


    The singer's name is Ed Sheeran. He 's 26 years old and he's from England. Our favorite song is SHAPE OF YOU. His songs are lively and funky. We find the melody nice but once the words translated it is a little vulgar. Our singer is a song writer.  This artist  plays the acoustic and  electric guitars. He plays the drums, the violin, the cello and the piano. The lyrics are hopeful. His genre is  pop, grime, folk and rock. He started in 2005.

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  • We are going to take the plane to Gernsey. Then a bus  will take us to the campsite "La Bailloterie Campsite". from 19 to 23 January.

    We are going to be staying in a canpsite with a swimming pool and a game room. We must packthere have: tee-shirts, jeans, your toilet kit, suncream, pocket money and walkings shoes.<

    The planning:

    -1st day: Visit of  Gernsey


    -2nd day: One day in the famous park of Gernsey

    -3rd day: Going to the visit the historical museum

    -4th day: Free day

    -5th day: Walk on the island


    Have a nice trip