• School Trip Planning / June 2017 by Clara Joly and Théo MaugainSchool Trip Planning / June 2017 by Clara Joly and Théo Maugain

       By Clara Joly and Théo Maugain


  • The philipines is hot very sunny.

    The first week on june. 

    We are going to sleep at a hotel: the island Beach resort

    We are going to visit th  archipelago bybicycles and boats.   


    -first day: arrival at  the hotel

    -second day: visit the main island and surfthe philipines

    -third day: climbing, canoeing on a river

    -fourth day: boating, diving, preparing a night party

    -the last day: boat racing and and night party

    We must pack  solar cream, sunglasses, water bottles, a swimsuit and a camera.

  • cool WASHINGTON  cool


    Washington gets itsname form the american president George Washington.

    Its nickname is the Evergreen State.


    washington      Candice et Emma

    We are  going  by plane and after to by bus.

    We are going  to sleep at a hotel ( the Hilton) .


    5 days visiting:

    1 day: we are going to visit the city by nignt .

    2 days: we are going to go to a casino.

    3 days: we are going to go  shopping.

    4 days: we are going to visit the White House

    5 days: we are going to go visit the capital .


    We are going to pack: t-shirts , shoes , toilet bag , trousers and money...


    washington      Candice et Emma



    We have chosen Washington because it is known and I would like to go. yes


    washington      Candice et Emma


    Cordially Candice Jacob and Emma Loho













    Monday , August 18th.

     I arrived yesterday morning, and I find this camp very cool. My summmer camp is in a forest in front of a lake. I love my roommates !!! We are six in the room. There is Sofia, Katherina, Maelle, Elize, Charlotte and me. They're from a lot of different countries. I have met a lot of very kind people . Today, we have done many activities like surfing and paddling on the lake. I'm very excited to do a beach volley  tournament tomorrow and all the other activities that I've seen on the planning such as kayaking, bungee jumping, paragliding. Last night a baby bear came to our room. It was very frightening !!!!! On top of that his mum was walking around the bedroom! We called the group leaders on the emergency phone and they  called a veterinary to get  them to sleep! It was very impressive! We were very scared we thought we were going to die ! I' ve lived one of my worst memories. It was yesterday, on the lake, when we were paddling boat, I fell into the water and my friends were gone without me and I got out of the lake and all the camp was laughing at me and it was very embarrassing.


    Mélissande Le Guen and Camille Martin.



  •  It is PITA


    We are going to go to the  NIAGARA FALLS. It is very beautiful and extraordinary.

    We'll take a ferry to see the falls better.

    We are going to sleep at the  Ontario, a very luxurious hotel. The  next day we are going to Canada's WONDERLAND. It is an amusement park. For lunch, We'll go to the  DAMAS restaurant. We'll eat "pita."

    On wednesday we are going to go to Toronto  to visit the town and go  shopping. In  the evening we'll go to the restaurant. We'll  sleep at a hotel.

    On Thursday, we'll  go to a  trampoline park and we'll have a picnicin the park. A night we'll go to a club and we'llsleep at a youth hostel.

    On Friday we are going to go to  we'll choose ourmeal. In the evening we are going to fly to France.





                                                                                                               Travel in Scotland

     We are going to go to Scotland, on June 10. We are going to take a bus to go to Nantes airport   .We  are going to take a plane to Edinburgh in Scotland.We are going to sleep at the « Budget Backpackers » ( it’s a Youth Hostel) . We are going to eat in a Youth Hostel with diferent menues like salmon , a Parmentier of Haddock,  scones and bannock.We must visit the Loch Ness Lake , with  Nessie the monster of the Loch Ness. It’s a big legend of this contry. We’ll go and visit a haunted castle « tower of Ackergill »,we are going to do kayak and we’ll go to shopping in Princes Street. We must think to change our money because, in Scotland,the money is the pound. In the  Youst hostel, we find a room with a home cinema , games, a cumputer, a wifi and a billiard. We’ll go back to France on June 15 by plane.

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  • School trip to New York    

                                                              Form 23 to 28  June

    Next month, we’re going to go to New York City.

    In your suitcase, you must take:

    - sun cream

    - sun glasses


    -etc, etc...

    We're going to take the plane in Paris

    We’re going to stay in a youth hostel in the city center.

    Day one we’re going to visit the Statue of Liberty and we’re going to go to a  restaurant and shopping.

    Day two we’re going to visit the Empire state building and we are going to have free time.

    Day three,  we’re going to go to M&M’S shop and to lots of other shops.

    Day four we’re going to go to the Central Park for a big treaser hunt.

    Day five: some more free time. Look out we’re going to go to the  airport at 6 pm.                                                                                                                



                      Cordially, Arthur Airard and Léa Gautier

  • yesWe are going  from the school to the  airport  on foot. We are going to take a plane from London to New-Zealand. We are going to go to New-Zealand on 19th June until 24th June. We are going to pack : tee-shirts,  shorts,  underclothes, the hats,  suncream,  shoes,  money and a first aid kit.

    In  New-Zealand, we are going to visit  the national park of Tongariro on foot. This park is the first national park of New-Zealand and the fourth national park in the world. The national park of Tongariro. In this park, We are going to see plenty of animals : mammals, reptils...

    Afterwards, We are going to climb the Mount Tasman on foot, the mountain where the film "The Lord of rings" was shot.


    We are going to visit Queenstown, the most beautiful city, and  Wellington, the capital of New-Zealand.

    on day four, We are going to swim in  Doubtlees Bay. 

                                                                                 Aël Célo

                                                                                                       et  Antoine Nicolas                                                 


  • The summer camp is located in Guadeloupe , over  there it is very hot and there is a lot of sun . I am in a bedroom  with  three people among who two friends Kate and George and another person really annoying, embarrassing and exhausting.The first night , we had a dance party to meet many people, there was a lot of music and everyone was happy . When I went to sleep the bed was very comfortable and enjoyable . We have already surfd , water foughtand even played football. Soon we will paddle , play tennis, different activities, sports , board games  and a lot of things . On the  first day , I had the shame of my life , I was to singing while I was walking a long the water the water when I my foot hit a root so I fell into the water  in front of everyone . They laughed. It was horrible . 

    Candyce and Guillian  

  • Hi,

    I am in a camp in the north of Sidney. There are lots of teenagers and we are four per bedroom. In mine, there is Manon, Kate, Samia and me. 

    At the moment, I am writing this article and it's the night of the second day.

    Yesterday morning, we went surfing and the sea was very warm. But we didn't do volleyball because it was raining. We came back to the camp at  lunchtime. It was very annoying. The afternoon, we did drama with Nicole Kidman! She has played in many movies  like "Moulin rouge", and "Eyes Wide Shut". I am very interested by drama but I have never had the opportunity to practice. The evening, we did a giant barbecue. We have just eaten and now every body is in his bedroom. This day was very tiring but I am excited to spend another day in this camp.

    Ines Gaquere  


    Monday :

    Take the plane at 8 o'clock at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

    Arrival at 10 am in Miami.

    Take a taxi and go to  the hotel .

    At 12, we are going to the restaurant. After the restaurant we are going to  Haulover beach.

    Then we are going to eat at the  restaurant of the hotel .

    Finally everyone is  going to their rooms and the day is finished.


    leaving  the hotel at 9 o'clock.

    Then we are going to visit the city of Miami.

    At 12 we are going to have luch on Miami beach.

    In the  afternoon we are going to swim with dolphins and feed the sharks.

    At 7 o'clock we will take a small plane to admire Miami and the Sunset.


    At 10 o'clock everyone is going to the Miami science museum.

    Then we are going to eat at the Apriani.

    After the restaurant everyone is going to ride a bike in the center of Miami.

    Then we are going to a  NBA match and eat there.


    In the morning everyone is  going  shopping.

    After we are going to a fast food restaurant.

    Then,  a last time to the beach.

    In the evening we are going to pack and celebrate the en of the trip.


    At 6 o'clock, we are leaving the hotel to go back home.



    Think to take

    - sunglasses

    -sun cream


    -beach ball



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  • Date : 21 -25 June

    Accomodation: Sofitel

    Our plans:

    1)restaurant 2)shopping 3)museums 4)cinema    5)visiting the white house.

    Museum of whashington.

    We are going to visit the museum of Arts..      


    We are going to shop inNordstrom Rack. It was created in 1901.


    We are going to go to the biggest cinema in Washington, the Wehrenberg chersterfiel Galaxie 14. It has 14 cinemas.

    We are going to have dinner at the  Diplomate

    We have chosen this destination because it's a busy town with lots of activities. It's very beautiful.yescool








    For the fiveday trip in Sydney,you must take light clothes and sunglasses.

    We're going to take a plane and we're going to sleep in a hotel in Sydney.

    We're going to arrive in Sydney at 6.00p.m.

    here are the activities: visiting the city and the shops, lunch in the restaurants near the beach, diving With a group and an instructor, and in the  afternoon we're going to visit a aquarium.

    we're going to go  backto London on Wednesday at 2.00a.m.

    we have chosen this destination because there are several places to see.

    Sydney is a beautiful city!

  • We are going to visit London for five days . We are going to go by train under the Channel and we are going to take a coach from the station to the hostel. During the week, we are going to visit Tower Bridge above the Thames at fifty meters high. Then, we are going to go on the "London eye", the most popular big Wheel at one hundred thirty five meters high. We are going to have a beautiful view! Then we are going to visit the "Tower of London", because in the tower, the biggest diamond is exposed. During the stay, we are also going to visit the school of "Harry Potter". It's so mysterious! You mustn't forget to take a cap, a French/English dictionary, some cash to buy souvenirs, a digital camera, binoculars and a phone to call your parents,... We are going to use a coach for all the stay. Our accommodation is downtown and called          "St Hermins".

    Thank you. Good by.happy

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  • Our trip to Australia:

    We are going to go to Australia. In my suitcase, I must pack: shoes, a travel guide, a travel card and a camera. We are going to go to Sydney by plane. Then, we are going to Melbourne to visit the Melbourne Museum. We are going to sleep in a youth hotel. The next day, we are going to the Kakadu national park. We are going to see crocodiles in the marsh. The next day, we are going to the Australia zoo to see animals. After, we are going to the Paronella Park. For the trip back, we are going to take the bus to Sydney and we are going to

    take the plane.

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