• Bahamas is a beautiful and a popular island in the USA. There are a lot of things on the Bahamas such as : to see different places in Bahamas , to go to the  beach , to go fishing and to visit a museum (the national art gallery of the Bahamas ).You must take the basic stuff, shoes, trousers, a swimsuit and a beach towel. You must visit the sea floor of the  Bahamas !!! You are going to sleep in a treehouse .You are going to be there from April 10th to April 15th. You aregoing to go by  plane.   


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    By Mohamed Oussar and Clara Aigouy

  • He has got two players .The two players is RAPHAËL NADAL and GAËL MONFILS.coolcoolmadmadmadcryno

  • australia

    From 15 July to  22 July we are going to visit Australia. In the  suit case we mustpack the  basic stuff : clothes, shoes, washing things, a swim suit, sunglasses, suncream, a beach towel,a camera and a small first aid kit. the plan is: we are going to sleep at the Villa of the sea hotel. It is next to the beach. We are going to see  "King Canyon", The Sydney Opera and Whistsunday iSLAND. We are GOING to surf and  dive at the Great Barrier Reef. We are going to fly from Nantes on friday 14 at 12.30. glasses^^happy Résultat de recherche d'images pour "photos kings canyon australia"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "barrière de corail australie"

  • Hello it's Milan to school trip.

    My schedule:

    Do some boat in the big beach

    Do some running on foot ²Un voyage en Australie

    Visited the capital in Australie it's canberra

    Fun at the amusement park White wather

    It was my sheduleUn voyage en Australie


    During the stay, I am with two friends and three people I don't know in the bedroom.

    Today has been a great day. I've discovered  amazing activities : the treetop adventure course and rock climbing. These activities were very cool because they were scary and funny.

    There has been a very embarrassing moment. A boy was stuck  in the air when we did the  treetop adventure course and he cried and shouted.

    Last night, we had an all-night party. The adults told us a scary story.

     I have never practiced  scuba diving and surfing and tomorrow we'll go to the  Pilat dune. These activities are planned at this end of the week.

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    Lena and Axel

  • The summer camp is situed in Australia. There are two boys and three girls, who is my friends. The last night I haven't slept because I have heard strange noise. I have can meet a news friends, I have played with my friends, I have done a news different activities such as, i have climbed rock, i have visited a cave in second day. When i have climbed rock i tore my pants it was embarrasing situation, everybody have a laugh! But it's a super camp it was very physical and little dangerous!

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    Eloïse Mercier, Julia Boschet

  • The summer camp is situated in the North West of Canada in  Tulita city. My roommates are funny and annoying. When I arrived at the camp I was shy but little by little I got used to this environment. Last night we put up a tent in the forest. Tomorrow, we'll go  surfing, a sailing. We have done a treasure hunt, a race and a we went hiking.  After, we watched a horror movie and I screamed like a little girl.

    That's all for my second day at the summer camp ! 

    Miléva SARR

    Bleuenn GARBE

    4ème Verte


  • Today has been  an incredible day because I have met new friends and I've been canoeing in the Michigan lake and it was great ! Apart from this. In our room, there are Robin and Julien. After, I practiced mountain climbing and to finish, we went  bungee-jumping. Last night, we had a party with my friends. I haven't done paragliding, parachuting and kart racing. In my stay, I had an embarrassing moment, I went to the pool with my friends but I can't swim. It has been the best stay of my entire life.

     tImagine Your Summer Camp

    Titema Raphoz

    Mathéo Vallée

    Benjamin Le Bot

  • Dear student , we're going to Las Vegas by plane .

    We're going to stop at Las Vegas . We're going to sleep at a five star hotel.

    In the hostel there is the giant casino with trendy night clubs, free breakfast, a swiming pool...

    We're going to fly by helicopter over Las vegas .We are the going go to  the

    Grand Canyon.

    We have chosen this destination because it's fun!

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  • dear student , we're going to Las Vegas in plane .

    we're going a stopower to las vegas per over there we we place in this wonderfull hostel five staRT

    In the hostel there is the giant casino with trendy boxes , breakfast free, swiming pool...

    Prep this travel we are going make a walk about it helicopter above in Las vegas .We are the going go the

    giant canyon.

    You selected there destination skin is stlyle.

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  • The trip will be from 15 january to 21 january .We're going to visit a zoo. Wer're going to sleep in Sydney. We're going to travel by plane.We going to do several activity such as: Hot-air-balloon, we're going to go the beach and to the theatre.We're going to visit Sydney. We're going to eat local food, such as barbecues and kangaroo meat. We are going to have a rest day. We must pack  shorts, a hat, suncream, dresses, tee-shirts and a swimsuit. We have chosen the trip because it is a real dream and  it is  a beautiful country.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "australie plage"  

  • A 5 day stay.

    To go to Australia we are going to take the plane.

    We are going to sleep at "The Kangouroo"hostel.

    In Australia we are going to visit : The Red Center, Sydney, the Top End and The Great Barrier Reef 

    We are going to eat meat pies , barbecues, kangaroo meat.

    We have  chosen this country because  it is a country we like.



    Meluc Daphnée             Le berrigaud Matthieu




  • The trip is from 1st june to 6 june.  ST-Avé to Hawaii by  plane and by car. The pupils are going to pack basic stuff ( garments,...). We are going to sleep at the " four Seasons Resort Hualalai hotel " during 5 days . We are going to visit the palais 'loloani, The volcano  national park, cities ( Honolulu, Waipachu, Kailua-Kona). we are going to siwm with dolphins at the Sea Life Par. We are going to surf and party at night on the beach. We are going to go to  the beach Waikiki in the  afternoon. It's great !! Hawaii is great and beautiful. Written by Andrea and Mederic

    A school  trip a Hawaii

    A school  trip a HawaiiA school  trip a Hawaii

    A school  trip a Hawaii

  • las Vegas is located in the east of the United States . We'll go by plane, we'll visit the famous casinos of Las Vegas and the city . We'll do some shopping . We'll sleep in five star hotels . We'll make a vigil and we 'll sleep one night in the beautiful star or we'll cook marshmallows . We will bring summer or rain clothes, just  in case . We will bring our touthbrushes and the strict minimum .yescoolcoolsmile


     Las Vegas


    We are going to New Zealand for five days.

    We are going to take the plane. We must pack  trousers, tee-shirts,  shorts, a sweater, a swimsuit and a first aid kit. We will see animals  such as kiwis ... We will visit some monuments like the  Milford waterfalls  or the  Tongorio National  park and we are going to see a volcano or else the lake of Wararka .They are beautiful. We will also visit Auckland, a big city and the capital of  New Zealand Wellington. We will sleep in a campsite. We are going by plane. yes              

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