• Hugo & Cécile <3
    I'm going to speak about my favourite horse but he's left  the riding center: '(
    It's a beautiful story but that's finished .
    I can't forget  him because he means a lot to me.But now it's another horse .
    Thank you for reading me. Bye !

  • Welcome !
    Hello everyone !
    Welcome to my horse center, it's the best place in the world  .
    It's located  10 minutes from St- Malo, next to " la Rance " .
    There are a lots of horses !
    It's my oxygene !
    If you are interested:

  • Shanti's birthday party is at three o'clock, from 3.00 to 6.30.

    Linda can't help John with his maths homework because she's going to Shanti's party tomorrow.

    Alwena is practising at the swimming-pool.She's going to the party as

    Clara is babysitting tomorrow, so she can't go to Shanti's party.

    Oliver is walking a dog. He doesn't know what time the party is.



  • Voyage en Grande BretagneOuran school is a manga for girls. The story takes place in a high shool, in a dating club. In this school there are only rich pupils. The members are: twins (They are always together), a small boy (he loves cakes and bunnies), an intelligent boy (his father is very rich), a big boy( he loves small girls), a romantic boy (He loves girl) and a girl who is not very rich.
    This manga is very funny!!


  • Whose socks are they ?
    - they are Mike's.
    - the socks are Mike's.
    - they are Mike's socks.

    Whose cricket bat is it ?
    - it's Mike's.
    - the cricket bat is Mike's.
    - it's Mike's criket bat


    She has got long blondrown hair,
     blue eyes.
    She is tall and thin.
    Her name is Marie and she is in 4ème.
    I love her!!!!!!

    Voyage en Grande Bretagne

  • Quentin Tarantino. TFM Distribution

    His name is Quentin Jerome Tarantino. He was born on 27th March 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee. He's got short black hair. He's tall and white. His favorite movie is "Battle Royale". His nick name is "Q.T."
    He's famous for this violent and trash movies.
    He started his career directing "Reservoir Dogs" with Harvey Keitel. But, he was very famous directing "Pulp Fiction" with John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson and Uma Thurman. This movie won more than 25 prices of "The best movie of the year", like the "Palme d'or" on Cannes Festival. He directed a lot of movies, like "Jackie Brown", "Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2", "GrindHouse (with Robert Rodriguez)" ...
    Finally, his last movie is "Inglourious Basterds" with Brad Pitt. A big success in France and the USA. He's a very good director.

       Uma Thurman, Quentin Tarantino dans Pulp Fiction (Affiche)   


  • The sims 2 is a very good computer game.  Virtual humans have got real needs .
    Ex: eating, taking a shower, sleeping at night, watching the TV...
    You can create them as you like sims 2. You can choose their different clothes.
    Ex: relaxed (every day), evening dresses, pyjamas, swimsuits and coats.
    This is very interesting because you can have them live a wonderful life or a terrible one.



    Job summer night!



    You have a talent for cocktail?






    We must be very sociable and have good sense of humour for work withs people. We need people creative and artistic for create different cocktail good and very colorful. We need peole who like work in night.


    It's ideal job for summer!


    Phone as soon as possible at 243 654 223 2334 or go to website page: http://pub_cocktail@live.com


  • His name is Timoté.
    He is 12.
    He was born on February,27th,1997 in Saint Malo.
    He is French.
    He is an only child.
    He has got  blue eyes and brown short hair.
    He has got one dog , his name is Tobby.
    He is always cheerful and he is never grumpy.
    He likes painting.

  • Job offer

    Hello everyone, we need a Groom for the center of Perrieres .
    You must be : Dynamic, courageous,
     competent and you must like contact with the
     people and horses !!!

    2, street of groom
    Ville es nonais 35430
    Phone MGM(237 877-904-2348) For further
     details .


    Dear Samia,

    You won't believe this ! I'll go and visit  DC.

    Guess What ? I'll go with Mathiew and Léa !

    We'll visit the FBI building and The White House, The Lindcoln and Jefferson memorials.

    I'm SOOOOOOOOOO Happyyy !  It will be Great !!!!!!

    We'll spend the day downtown on a segway-tour. And we'll go boating on the most beautiful river, the POTOMAC RIVER.

    It'll be the best day of my entire life.

    I'll send you an e-mail when I get back.




    Byye ! (8)


  • My room is big and it's tidy.
    There are a lot of books and a film poster.
    there's a desk behind  my bed.
    there's a wooden bird above my desk.
    there are two shelves next to the wall.
    My bed is very long and
    I have got photos of South Africa.

  • Dear pen-pal
    Hello !
    I'm Tanguy. I'm 12. I was born on 9th/08/1997
    I've got a round face and small black hair.
    I haven't got a brother but I've got a sister.
    Her name is Ophelie. She's 18. She's tall and she's got curly black hair.
    I'm often happy and I've got a couple of good friends.
    I haven't got a pet.
    I love movies and videogames bout I don't like running and running for a long time.
    Do you like movies ?
    Have you got a pet ?
    See you !


  • Voyage en Grande BretagneThis manga is very cool. The characters are changed into a Chinese sign.
    A mouse
    A Dragon
    A cat
    A dog
    A tiger
    A cow
    A horse
    A goat
    A monkey
    A rabbit
    A cock
    A snake
    A pig
    Tohru is the main character . She is a human. She goes to  Yuki Soma's house. Yuki is a  high shool prince.  He is a young man and he becomes a mouse. He is a very beautiful teen.