• On her 18th birthday, Bella Swan wakes up from a dream in which she sees herself as an old woman. She expresses her distaste with growing older than her boyfriend Edward Cullen, a vampire who stopped aging at 17. Edward's adoptive family throws Bella a birthday party. While unwrapping a gift, Bella gets a paper cut, which causes Edward's brother, Jasper, to be overwhelmed by her blood's scent and attempt to kill her. Realizing the danger he and his family pose to Bella, Edward decides to end their relationship, and the Cullens move away from Forks,Washington.

  • Bonfire night is a festival  on 5th November to celebrate the 5th November, 1606 . On the fifth november 1606 fawkes , a catholic , tried to blow up ( faire exploser ) the House of Parliament and to kill the king , but he was arrested and executed for treason . In the festival the children use old clothes to make a guy , and people give them money to buy firecrakers . In the evening , you make a bonfire to burn he guy.


  • Voyage en Grande BretagneFor Christmas,  father Christmases sing  christmas carrols (chant de noël) in the streets.  The houses are decorated in green and red. On the twenty-fourth of December,  children sing in the street: They  receive a sweet. On the night of the twenty-fourth  of December we hang a sock on beds or a fireplace .Christmas is not christmas without a christmas pudding. It's made weeks  before christmas day. On a beautiful table we put Christmas crakers.Voyage en Grande Bretagne

    Merry Christmas

  • Pour agrémenter vos e-mails voici des astuces :
    asap :  As soon as possible (Des que possible)
    cu : See you (A plus tard)
    lol : Laughing out loud (Mort de rire)
     : Happy (Joyeux)
    ;-) : Winking smile (Sourire clignant de l'oeil )  
    X : Kiss (Bisous)
    XOXOXO : Hugs and kisses (Calins et Bisous)


  • L'Angleterre est le premier pays au monde à avoir créé les timbres .
    le premier timbre à été tiré en 1840 .
    L'angleterre est le seul pays où on ne marque pas le nom du pays .
    Il faut regarder en haut du timbre : il y a une tête de femme,
    c'est la tête de la reine Victoria.



  • We need to have a new French Teacher!!
    You're patient and dynamic, this job is for you!!
    Look at this!!

    The ideal candidate must be fond of children and he needs to like working with people.He must be very patient and he needs to be good in french, in writing essays and in reading books in front of lots of children.He must be hard-working!!

    Perhaps, if you like this job,don't forget...It's for you!




    Washington DC ( la ville !!! attention à ne pas confondre avec l'Etat de Washington ! ) est la capitale des Etats Unis . il y  a donc la maison blanche (the White House ) c'est là ou le président a son bureau et habite( c'est un peu l'élysée des USA, rappel : USA = United States of America , en francais : Etats Unis d'Amérique )  
     il y a aussi le capitole , Ce batiment  sert de siège au pouvoir législatif ( en bref , c'est le batiment ou sont décidées les lois ) , il y a aussi la court supreme , la réserve fédérale des USA, plein de musées ... , le Washington monument ( un obélisque magnifique ) , et plein d'autre choses a voir           
    Oui bon c'est vrai que raconter comme ca c'est ennuyant mais je vous le conseille : GO TO WASHINGTON !!!!!! different things and events


  • 1.  A le

    In the United States, I lived in a big nice house with a pool and a jaccuzi. I went to a school called «LILA» which went from preschool (maternelle) to 12th grade (terminal). In secondary (collège\lycée), wwith my dad.

    My letter to a friend who lives in LA, Los Angeles 

    Hi Julia,

    How's school in LA? Are there any new teachers?


    I'm having fun here in France and my teachers are OK. I'm in a new volley-ball team and, so far, we're #1(we've never lost a game)!!!!

    Even though I'm the youngest in my class and in my volley-ball team, I'm totally not the shortest in either and I have lots of fun !!!!


    Well, anyway, I hope you're having lots of fun in LA!!!!

    Lots of love,



     In the United States, I lived in a big nice house with a pool and a jaccuzi. I went to a school called «LILA» which went from preschool (maternelle) to 12th grade (terminal). In secondary (collège\lycée), we started classes at 8:00am and we finished classes at 4:00pm. There was a bus but it was only for the students that lived an hour away in a town called «West Valley». So most of us came by car so our parents had to drop us off and pick us up at LILA. When I got home I would have a snack and then I would do my homework. Then I would play volley-ball with my dad.




                        Happy Thanksgiving
    Bonjour a tous, voici un petit texte pour expliquer ce qu'est thanksgiving, une célèbre fête américaine qui se passera le 26 Novembre prochain ( a savoir que cette fête se passe toujours le 4e Jeudi de Novembre) :

    Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with a big dinner. They eat traditionnal dishes that come from America, like turkey, pumpkin, corn and sweet potatoes and cranberries (see photo, under). The first Thanksgiving was in Massachusetts in 1621. The first English people in America were called Pilgrims. They invited the Indians to a big party. The Pilgrims wanted to thank the Indians for helping them find food, water, etc...

  • On October 31st  is HALLOWEEN halloween is an abrevation of All Hallow's Eve. The two colours of this festival are  black and orange which represent  death and a good harvest . A pumpkin lantern has celt origins. It is very celebrated in the United States of America. Today this festival is very important for children.They put on a costumes such as Witches, Pirates...etc....Hallowen  is simply fantastic!!!!


  • le festival maritime de deal est un grand festival qui réunit tous les  amoureux de la mer et des bateaux . il y a plein d'animations dans toute la ville   , il ya des concerts , des chorales , des danseurs , etc ...........         ce festival s'étale sur 2 jours .  si vous passez a deal pendant  cette fête,  n'hésitez pas a y aller!  

    Si vous hésitez encore, aller sur


  • In California, the bread is not good at all and we don't eat it at every meal.

    In France, bread is delicious and it's a tradition to eat it with butter at every meal.

    In California, it hardly ever rains.

    In France, it rains much more.


  • Voila un petit test pour voir si vous faites des taches ménagaires a la maison.

    Do you always  make your bed after getting up?                      YES                        NO

    Do you seldom  tidy your room?                                                 YES                        NO

    Do you sometimes set the table?                                               YES                        NO

    Do you often clear the table?                                                   YES                        NO

    Do you  always do the washing up?                                           YES                        NO

    Do you seldom hoover the living room?                                      YES                        NO

    Do you often take the dustbin out?                                            YES                        NO

    Do you usually carry the shopping bag?                                     YES                        NO

    Do you always help to cook dinner?                                            YES                       NO

    Do you always complete your homework?                                    YES                       NO

    Do you sometimes take care of your pet?(if any)                       YES                       NO

    Do you often look after your brother/sister?(if any)                   YES                      NO



    when were you born ??

    I was born on January 3rd ,2000

    when was she born ????????????

    she was born on March 10th , 2005

  • Voici une petite leçon pour savoir se repérer sur un plan.

    POUR TOURNER A DROITE/GAUCHE:turn right/left.

    POUR TRAVERSER:go/walk across

    VAS TOUJOURS TOUT DROIT:keep going straight on

    DESCEND:go down

    MONTER:go up

    PREND LA 1ER A DROITE/GAUCHE:take the first right/left

    PASSE PAR:walk past

    DANS LANGLE:on the corner


    FAR FROM:pas loin