• BB Brunes cool Afficher l'image d'origine

    by Antoine et Romain

    BB Brunes plays POP music.

    This band is french.

    BB Brunes is make up:

    -Adrien Gallo(lead singer and guitar)

    -Félix Hemmen(guitar)

    -Karim Réveillé(drums)

    -Bérald Crambes(bass guitar)

    -Raphael Delorme(keyboards).

    BB Brunes has come out 4 albums: Blonde comme moi,Nico tenn love,Nico tenn live,Long courrier.

    Our favourite song is Coup et Blessures.

  • The album :  "Free the Universe" was released in      2013. I like listening to this music because Major   Lazer is greatyes. He is very popular. I go to his  concerts. A popular song is "you're no good" . The group started in 2008.Afficher l'image d'origineAfficher l'image d'origine

  • Maître Gims

    Maître Gims sings pop-rap.

    He was born on 06/05/1986.

    His real name is Gandhi Djuna.

    He is from a family of musicians.

    His dad created a group "Viva la musica".

    The singer started in 2003 with the group Sexion 'Assaut.

    Subliminal was in 2003.

    The song is very lively and cool.

  • Céline Dion is 48 years old, her birthday is on 30 march. She plays the piano and sings ! She is Canadian. I love " encore un soir " , it is sad. Céline Dion has 36 albums !

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  • Arthur and Corentin 5 V 

    Vianney is a French singer. His first album is named Idée Blanche. I listen  to him before sleeping. I' m calm when I listen to his album. My favorite song is Notre Dame des Oiseaux).


    I like Vianney because he writes  great songs.

  • AdèleRésultat de recherche d'images pour "adèle 19"

    She is 28 years old sarcastic

    She is British. Her first album's name is "19"yes

     She plays the guitar,  the piano, the bass guitar,  the keyboards and the drums.cool

    Her real name is "Adele Laurie Blue Adkins"zzz  

    We like that song because she sings so well. It' is our favourite singer. We love her!!!!!yesAfficher l'image d'origine


  • CD: New English

    His name is desiigner.

    In the CD my favourite song is Panda. 

                                                              Résultat d’image pour desiigner panda

    The CD came out in 2016

    Desiigner is 19 years old.

  • Kendji's first album came out on 8 september 2014. Kendji is Spanish, he plays the guitar and he sings. He was in The Voice. He has sold 1,4  million albums. Our favourite song is: Andalouse. We like Kendji. When we listen to his songs, we sing and we are happy!!!!

  • I' m talking about the Rolling Stones. It's a rock group  . They come from London. Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards. Charlie Watts is the drummer and Mick Jagger is the lead singer. The Rolling Stones started in 1962. The famous songs are for example: Satifaction , Brown Sugar and Start Me Up. Their tours around the world are great . I like the group because it's an energetic music with  drums, guitars and Résultat d’images pour image rolling stoneskeyboards . smileyes Baptiste Caradec and Gaëtan Begon.

  • Gradur 


    The name of the album is Sheguey vara 2

    Gradur is a  French rapper, he sings but he doesn't play an instrument . I love the album because I like rap and Gradur sings rap . The album came out on  27 November 2015. Gradur sings with Lacrim, Soprano, Jul and Nekfeu .  He released a second mixtape . My favourite song  is "D'or et de platine". Gradur is 25 years old. His true name is Wanani Gradi Mariadi . 

  • Maitre Gims

    I like Maitre Gims


    He has a song with Sia

    His first album was in 2013

    He is French

    He is a French rapper.

    He was born on 6 May 1986

    He is 30 years old

    The title of the album is Subliminal


  •   cool                                                           BIRDY                          Afficher l'image d'origine  

    Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde is  Birdy. She was  born in may 1996 in England. She's a musician, singer and a songwriter. Birdy sings pop,folk music. She plays the piano and the guitar. Birdy released her first album in 2011. She is a very talented singer with a beautiful voice . She's very young (20 years old) but she loves to sing and she is popular.

     I lovekiss her music because it is very relaxing!!


                                                                                             Salomé et Lise 5E

  • yes  The third CD is "Racine Carré"

    My favourite music in the CD is "Tous les mêmes ".

    Stromae plays French music, hip hop and electronic music.  Every year he goes to  the NRJ music awards.

    Stromae is Belgian. His birthday is on 12 march. Stromae plays the keyboards and the drums. He has got good voice. He is a composer.

    I listen to Stromae music because it's lovely and  I listen to his music in my bedroom.                                                                              


     Jade Béniguel et Manon Pillaire 5ème Emeraude


  • Mika is a singer. He sings pop music.  He is 33 years old. His first album is LIFE IN CARTOON MOTION. He plays the  piano and the drums. Mika started in 2006. 

    Mika lives in London.

    When I listen to  Mika Iwant to dance. yes

    I like Mika because he sings very well.cool

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    By Tom




    My name is Tom. I’m 13 years old and I live in England. I’ve been at a summer camp with my friends. I arrived last week. I didn’t know the camp and I wanted to try. The weather is sunny and I have met a new friends. In the summer camp I live in a  wooden house with roommates. It’s really cool. Yesterday I was climbing  a wall, It was difficult  and I fellaww. This afternoon we went into the forest, we picked up mushroomswinktongue.