• Summer Camp

    The summer camp is located in Guadeloupe , over  there it is very hot and there is a lot of sun . I am in a bedroom  with  three people among who two friends Kate and George and another person really annoying, embarrassing and exhausting.The first night , we had a dance party to meet many people, there was a lot of music and everyone was happy . When I went to sleep the bed was very comfortable and enjoyable . We have already surfd , water foughtand even played football. Soon we will paddle , play tennis, different activities, sports , board games  and a lot of things . On the  first day , I had the shame of my life , I was to singing while I was walking a long the water the water when I my foot hit a root so I fell into the water  in front of everyone . They laughed. It was horrible . 

    Candyce and Guillian