• Tim Burton : The devil in the producer's skin

    Timothy Walter Burton (Tim Burton), was born on august, 25th 1958 in Burbank in California. Before his producer carreer  he worked for Disney movies. He was fired because his idea were too freaky. He worked with the most popular actors like : Vincent Price, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp... His favourite celebrities are : Frankenstein, Edgar Allan Poe, the Dr. Seuss, Washington Irving...

    He works with his wife Helena Bonham Carter and his friend Johnny Depp. With them he's made enormous movies like : The nightmare before christmas, Alice in Wonderland, The corpse bride, Edward scissordhands, Big Fish, Mars attack!, Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Sleepy Hollow and the Darks shadows, the most recent one...


    The nightmare before christmas :


    Alice in Wonderland :


     The corpse bride :


     Big fish :


    Charlie and the chocolate factory :


    Dark shadows :

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