• Transformice

    Here you are transformed into a  mouse by we do not know where the cheese is. Whe we have the cheese, we must take it back to the mouse hole.With all the cheeses you get, you can buy clothes for the mice. When we manage to get into the hole we get some points.....

    If you have enough points, you can help the mice, building things for them, for example.

    Modifiers which can be used before the invocation exists:

    C - Yellow nail: connect the current object to another object on the card(map)
    V - Green nail: similar to the yellow nail, however the rotation of the new object is free.
    B - Red nail: fix the object to the card(map), the nail becoming the axis of rotation.
    N - Engine: add a green nail and an engine which makes turn(shoot) the object around the nail.
    SPACE - ghost Object: mice can get through this object


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