• My trip to Canada!!!

    My trip to Canada!!!

    When I arrived in Montreal, i was imprissed because it's wonderful and great! On the second day I went dog sleighing in forest next to the big city, it was amazing! The following  day, I visited Montreal and all the monuments : castle of Balarin, Church of Luzanet and Genens. So, the fourth day I went skiing on  Mount Royal and I did  snowmobile, it was great! Friday, I ice skated and I ice fished, it was so funny because I fell through the ice. On the friday night I went on a real lumberjack adventure, we made a campfire in the big, big, big... forest. On the  saturday morning, I did a snowshoes with my friends! And in the afternoon I went to the city of Montreal to shop.!! I bought many things, but pink jeans, it's very cool! The last day I went on a trip to the lake Saint-Jean, it was very beautiful. Canada is a  very wonderful and very interesting country, I LOVE CANADA.


    Mathilda et Lucie.