• Jonas Blue is twenty-eight years old. He plays the drums and the piano. A new song is Mama. It is lovely. He's got a few songs.The version is number one in Germany , Suede ,Australia and New- Zélande.

  •  BIRDY: Skinny love


    Birdy's real name is Jasmine Van Dan Bagerde

    She's 21 years old. She comes from the United Kingdom                                                                        Résultat de recherche d'images pour "BIRDY SKINNY LOVE"

    She plays the piano !

    Birdy composes and she is a musican .

     Her style of music is traditional music


    Her song is sad , her song is very relaxing. We listen to her song in the evening

    we apretiam because she has a beautiful voice

    It's music we love



     by Mateo and Alexis from 5e E



       The  group is composed  of four musicians : Dan Reynolds, Ben Mc Key, Wayne
    Sermon and Daniel Platzman.

    Dan Reynods is the singer.

    The musicians are American. 

    • The lyrics are great and cool.
    • My favorite song is Thunder.
    • I often listen to this song.                               
    • I listen to the song in the evening.
    • My favorite instrument  in this song is the bass guitar. 
    • It is  Rn'B.



    Ed Sheeran

    He is 26 years old.  Ed Sheeran plays the electric guitar.

    We like to listen to Shape of You because it's great.We love the rythm of this song. Shape of You is a pop song. We often listen to it at night.^^The instruments of this song are the  guitar, the xylophone.

    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "photo ed sheeran"


    She gives a concert that  called " ONE LOVE MANCHESTER ".

    She is 24 years old, she was born in  1993 (nineteen ninety-three). Ariana grande is from LOS ANGELES.

    She has got 6 dogs their names are Toulouse, Coco, Ophélia, Cannamon, Fawkes and Sirus. She loves dogs.

    We like Ariana Grande

    she writes this song.

  • Eminem is a singer and he writes  songs. His music is rap. It  is very fast: 6,56 words per second . He is the world  record man.

  • Mesnard le reste Julien

    Mahe MatisRésultat de recherche d'images pour "amir image" 

    Amir plays the guitar and he is a pop singer. His name is Laurent Amir Khlifa Khedider Haddad and he is 33 years old. His father is from Tunisia and His mother is  from Morocco. He is bilingual. 

    We like his songs.




    I like listening to his songs because they are cool. He is from Rumson in the New Jersey (United States)

    His song "Attention" is a hit.

     He is a composer,musician and

    he plays the guitar and the keyboards. Look below ! 


    Listen his songs     Résultat de recherche d'images pour "charlie puth images"



    This CD is funky and lively. We like this CD because the songs are cool and happy. We don't like the drummer because he plays slowly . We like the band because they are crazy. The Beatles are four boys. Our favorite song is Yellow Submarine because this song is cool but it's strange because it is slow. The four Beatles are John Lennon, the  guitarist, Georges Harrisson too and Ringo Star is the drummer. The Beatles are  very popular.

  • sia

    She is from Australia. Sia doesn't play an instrument but she sings. Her songs are sad, strange and very loud. Sia  composes her songs !!!!!

  • Niska is a French artist. He gives a concert in 2018.

    He is from Congo.

    He sings rap.

    Image associée

  • We are presenting you the song Thunder by Imagine Dragons. In the group, there are four members :

    Dan Reynolds is the  lead singer, he plays the guitar ; Wayne Sermon is a musician, he plays the acoustic guitar ;

    Dan Platzman is the drummer ;

    Ben McKee is the bass guitarist . The lyrics are about a man who doesn't want to be a follower. Their songs are very popular like : -Believer and Radioactive. When we listen to their song, we feel very happy !!!! We listen to this song very often. The video clip is strange with three monsters who are dancing!!!



    Her birthday is on 20th Febuary . Her first name Robyn Rihanna Fenty . Her song is DIAMONDS . She has 8 studio albums  and 2  remixes. She has the R&B best song. I LOVE Rihanna and the song.


  • French Montana

    French Montana


    The CD I like the most is 'Jungle Rulse" because it's great ! It's  rap and hip-hop music. French Montana is a rapper and producer of American music. He is a solo singer. He is 32 years old and comes from Morocco. The "Jungle Rulse" is his 17th album. The popular song is "Unforgettable" feat Swae Lee. 

    This song is very lively. The album has got many songs in the same theme. He is my favorite singer. I often  listen to the album  in the morning on my MP3 player. My favourite song is "Unforgettable" it's happy !


  • Evolve is the  third album of the rock band Imagine Dragons .

    Dan Reynolds is the lead singer of the rock band Imagine Dragons ,Daniel Platzman is the drummer .  Ben McKee is the bassist of the band. Wayne Sermons is the lead guitarist of the group.

     The name of the album is Evolve because the group keeps evolving !

    The lyrics are revolutionary, it's a very cool album!