• My trip to Spain

    Would you like to go to Spain?

    There are some ideas for your trip.

    On the first day, you can visit Madrid. It is a beautiful town where  there are lots of museums.Santiago barnabeu Stadium
    First,  go and visit the Santiago Bernabeù stadium. It's very impressive.
    Then, go and  visit the American museum and the " plaza de mayor" where  the  Point Zero is.


    The next day, visit Barcelona. At 10 o'clock  go to the Barcelona 's aquarium.
    It's very Interesting  because there are species we can't see everywhere!!!
    At 1 p.m., go to the Barcelona' zoo. It's quite fun!!!!!!!
    zoo barcelone

    On the last day,  have some free time at the Spanish border. There are lots of good shops, to buy food  and clothes.
    We came back to England. What a trip!!!!!!!!!
    villa frontiere de l'espagne

    If you like the programme, we can contact me:

    16 burlingan street 9865 London

                                                                                                                                              Mehdi and Thibaud

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