• New York

    For our final task, the teacher asked us to create an poem or a song about a city. I've decided to make a song about New York based on "Amerika" a music by one of my favorite band : Rammstein !!!

    Here's the original with the French translation :

    And here's my song !



    You like it ? So, song the lyrics with me !

    Tune [x2]

    You should go to New York

    'Cause New York is wondeful

    You should go to New York

    To New York, to New York

    Verse 1 :

    I dream about a city

    A city called New York

    A city with many things

    A city which's never sleeps

    If I go to this city

    After many travellings !

    I'll see the Empire State Building

    And the Statue of Liberty


    Verse 2 :

    When I would be in New York

    I will see the beauty

    Of the beautiful Central Park

    And of this yellows Taxis

    I will walk in the Fifth Avenue

    And buy things in Time Square

    And I will see an Rammstein concert

    At the Madison Square Garden !


    Verse 3 :

    You should go to New York,

    You should go to New York

    'Cause New York is wonderful

    So, you must go to New York

    Guitar's Solo

    Tune [2x]




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