• liverpoolLiverpool is in the North West of England, on the coast.. The town was founded in 1207 and became a city in 1880.Ther are 435 500 inhabitants.

  • Ussm is a football team. The best team is  CFA2. And they were created  in 1891 and the best level of this club is  national.the most importante match is a USSM vs OL a score is a 0a7 for a OL.USSM  is the best team in Saint Malo.


  • Hello !!!!
    You have a good sense of humour ,
    we need a  ...clown !
    A clown must :

    - work with people

    - like children

    - and be very funny

    You want to work with me ?
    Contact by phone 481-936-623-27

                                                                      WE ' re fun !!!!!!!!!!un clown

  • SPAIN , SPAIN   

    Spain is a beautiful country
    Because I've  visited  it with my family
    I wish I ate tacos

    I think they are delicious
    I dream about seeing a bull in a corrida
    I'd love to see a Stadium
    And to visit a museum
    I'd like to speak Spanish
    Because it's where my grandmother was born
    I wish  I saw  Flameco dancing      

    In Spain  there is always Sunshine
    If I see a my family in Spain
    I will be very happy

    My feeling for the country  is LOVE.



  • In class 3 we speak about Canada. We learn where Canada is. We know now that Canada is a huge country in North America. It is the second- largest country in the world after Russia. We know about its  geography, provinces and territories, plains, different lakes, mountains, rivers...
    For instance the longest river in Canada is the Mackenzie River which is 2,635 miles (4 241 km) long.
    Canada has about two million lakes. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories like Alberta (Edmonton) or British Columbia (Victoria)...
    Canada's land ranges from fertile agricultural plains in the south to freezing tundra in the north.
    Parts of Canada are very mountainous.
    Finally, The capital of Canada is the city of Ottawa, which is in the province of Ontorio, located above the Great Lakes.


    Voyage en Grande Bretagne               Voyage en Grande Bretagne

  •                                                            The beach:

      The beach is relaxed
          The sea is wonderful
          The sand is  beautiful
          The beach, the birds are singing
          The beach, the children are screaming
          I love the beach because I love swimming
          Id like to be there
          Id like to have a tan
          I love the sun
          I'm dreaming of seeing dolphins
          I wish I could swim wish dolphins ans baby dolphins
          I love it because the beach is spectacular


  • Ladies and gentlemen, it's a privilege to be here with you. Saint-Malo is the most attractive city because it has a very good advantage : it's on the sea so we've got beaches and the biggest port in Brittany. Before, Saint-Malo used to be a privateer city and  80 % of it was destroyed  during the second world war. The city was totaly rebuildt in 1962. Now, it has become a very touristy and modern city. It also has  commercial centres and a lot of transports like the bus or the train. Finally, there is many culture, museums and hotels. Have a fantastic time in our beautiful city.



  • Ah ! Nouméa ! I dream of seeing you. Your wonderful beach, your ocean...
    It's a beautiful country  for everybody !
    I'd like to see you,  your huge beaches and your blue ocean so relaxing and transparent.
    I'd love to hear the sound of the waves and your exotic music.
    I would smell your typical dishes and the smell of the ocean.
    I wish I went  to the beach and saw your peaceful country.
    For me Nouméa expresses  well being and  happiness.



  • Hugo & Cécile <3
    I'm going to speak about my favourite horse but he's left  the riding center: '(
    It's a beautiful story but that's finished .
    I can't forget  him because he means a lot to me.But now it's another horse .
    Thank you for reading me. Bye !

  • Welcome !
    Hello everyone !
    Welcome to my horse center, it's the best place in the world  .
    It's located  10 minutes from St- Malo, next to " la Rance " .
    There are a lots of horses !
    It's my oxygene !
    If you are interested:


    Job summer night!



    You have a talent for cocktail?






    We must be very sociable and have good sense of humour for work withs people. We need people creative and artistic for create different cocktail good and very colorful. We need peole who like work in night.


    It's ideal job for summer!


    Phone as soon as possible at 243 654 223 2334 or go to website page: http://pub_cocktail@live.com


  • Job offer

    Hello everyone, we need a Groom for the center of Perrieres .
    You must be : Dynamic, courageous,
     competent and you must like contact with the
     people and horses !!!

    2, street of groom
    Ville es nonais 35430
    Phone MGM(237 877-904-2348) For further
     details .

  • We need to have a new French Teacher!!
    You're patient and dynamic, this job is for you!!
    Look at this!!

    The ideal candidate must be fond of children and he needs to like working with people.He must be very patient and he needs to be good in french, in writing essays and in reading books in front of lots of children.He must be hard-working!!

    Perhaps, if you like this job,don't forget...It's for you!



  • Last week, we went to the cinema. We watched Slumdog Millionaire. It is a story of a young Indian boy (a "slumdog", because he is very poor), who wins the game who wants to be a millionaire. Everyone thinks he has cheated, but he hasn't.
    I loved this film. It made me cry.

  • Lauryn hill was born in 1975. In 1996 when she was 21, she relased the Score, an album with the Fugees which sold 17 million copies but before that she had played and sung  in SisterAct II . By the time she turned 22, she had already had her first child . In 1998 she released her debut solo album which she had produced, arranged, written and sung . Before that , she had given birth to her second child. By 1999 , she had already received 5 Grammy Awards . In May 2002, she released her second solo album which she had written, sung, arranged and produced as well.