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    Make your dream come true with the discovery of the Loch ness.

      The loch ness is over 40 kms long and 2 kms wide and 260 m  deep.

     The loch is a shelter for a  monster that a few people have seen .

    I loved the calm , the mystery , the handsomeness  of the landscape.  


      Leaving from Paris -----------> arrival to Aberdeen


    Maxime Petit 3 a

















  • Here are some videos from our final task in May 2012. The goal ? Talk about an accident in a news flash on the TV.

    Baudoin & Alexandre

    Bruno & Audren :


    Jeanne & Jeremy :


    Maeva & Elisa :


    Maxime & Aymerick :


    Melissa & Laura :


    Océane & Morgane :

    Tanguy (Me) & Baptiste :


  • Timothy Walter Burton (Tim Burton), was born on august, 25th 1958 in Burbank in California. Before his producer carreer  he worked for Disney movies. He was fired because his idea were too freaky. He worked with the most popular actors like : Vincent Price, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp... His favourite celebrities are : Frankenstein, Edgar Allan Poe, the Dr. Seuss, Washington Irving...

    He works with his wife Helena Bonham Carter and his friend Johnny Depp. With them he's made enormous movies like : The nightmare before christmas, Alice in Wonderland, The corpse bride, Edward scissordhands, Big Fish, Mars attack!, Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Sleepy Hollow and the Darks shadows, the most recent one...


    The nightmare before christmas :


    Alice in Wonderland :


     The corpse bride :


     Big fish :


    Charlie and the chocolate factory :


    Dark shadows :

  • Movie - PROJET X.

    It's the story of  four young men who organised a big party but it didn't happen like it was  planned. More than one thousand  persons came to this party. In this party, there was a lot of alcohol and drugs. Thomas the main character is going to change the rules.. He will be loved by all the people thanks to the party. But a crazy man came to burn his house, and the parents of Thomas go punished him.

  • The beautiful thing that you can see above the text is a yelow mongoose.

    They live all around the world, except in America. Maybe you will think that this article will be  boring because  mangooses aren't cool, but we will make you discover that this is a so beautiful, and incredible animal.

    Our passion for  mangooses appeared when we were little children, we saw a little mangoose who was with its familly, just next to the road, but  when we tried to come to it, it saw us, and made and strage scream, so wonderful for us.

    In a mangoose family, there is always one  that is responsible for the security of the group. It screams when there is a danger.

    The biggest ennemy of the mangoose is the cobra, this is a big and evil snake.

    So, we just want to say that if you see a mangoose, go to it and make it a BIIIG HUG, just before killing and eat it (you'll see, the mongoose steak is so great !)

    Article by Audren DORVAL



  • Eric Lamaze is a very famous horse rider, he was born on the 17th of April , 1968 and he's Canadian. He participed many times  the olympic games, with different horses such as Hickstead. He won the olympic games with this horse in 2008. Before, he was doing some junior competitions and was really good at horse riding. His horse Hickstead had the title of  best CSO  horse  in the world, he became a prestigious stallion around the world. On november the 6th, 2011, he suddenly died in the middle of a prestigious competition in front thousands of people (video).



    Eric Lamaze



  • Cezember



                                                                   There is a place that filled my heart,                                           

    When I think to it I feel me hurt.

    My love for Cezember

    Is higher than a hill

    And deeper than the sea in December


    I'm dreaming of eating a delicious yellow peach

    On the beautiful beach,

    And sailing on the sea.

    I would feel me free.


    I would be so happy

    If I saw the pitoresque landscape

    Of the Brittany.


    I wish I could smell again one day,

    The sented grass and perfumed flowers in May.


    I'd love to watch the sun going down

    Before we sail back to town.


    I miss this magical place

    I think to it each night and day.

    But I know I will go back to Cezember

    One day in May.




  • Roland Garos 2012 is in Paris. Nadal and Djokovic played the final. Nadal was the winner after a fantastic match.

  • Big Apple



     I'm dreaming of going to New York.

     I'd love to see the Empire State building.

    I wish could  visit this beautiful city.

    I'm dreaming of  going shopping.

    I'd like to go to the Statue of Liberty.

    I'd like to hear the New York accent.

    New York, New York, I'm dreaming of going to New York.

    I'd love to see all the celebrities.

     I wish I could visit this beautiful city.

    New York, New York, I love New York.

    By Anaïs et Océane

  • Jersey officially the Bailiwich of Jersey is a British Crown Dependency off the coast of normandJersey is a little island. It is 118,2 km2 and there are 97 857 people who live on this island. This is the biggest Channel island The capital of Jersey is Saint-Hélier. There are a lot of touristsJersey. There are beautiful landcapes. The lanscape is hilly. People speak French, Jérriais and Englsh. There are different towns :  Gorey, and St-Aubin. The climate is temperate with mild winters and cool summers.

  • Galoping on the coast :

     I dre a m of ridi ng on a galoping horsePoems 

    Who would be black and beautiful of coarse 

    I would be in the grassy hills of California's coast  

    Riding through the trees as silent as a ghost

    I could stay there all day

    As the wild animals scatter away

    The joy I feel when I smell the blooming flowers

    Could keep me here for hours and hours

    I'd love to hear the whistling

    Of the wind when I'm galoping

    And watch the firy sunset

    In the dark sea

    If I could do such a ride

    I would be as happy as a bride

    I could almost forget everything  

    Except the freedom I'm feeling.



    I'd love to go back to Ireland

    On Carlough beach and its soft sand  

    Galoping on a Connemara pony 

    And admiring the peaceful sea 

    I would feel free and so happy

    I'd like to hear the wind's long whistling

     And the waves dancing

    I wish I could go through the hills walkingPoems

    And at the fragrant of the ocean marveling

     I am dreaming all night long of shamrock

    And of the irish blue sky at ten o'clock

     If I had this chance one day

    I would go back to the Giant Causeway

    Ireland is just a small paradise


  • On Monday,he went to the Scottish Border where he visited the Hermitage Castle.

    Then, at Stirling Castle,he saw the pink lady who was wearing a pink gown.

    After that,he went to see the Study at Glencoe.There are wild precipitous mountains on either side of a valley which is U shaped.

    On Wednesday,he climbed to the top of the Old Man of Storr and speaks about Stanley Kubrick whose film was shot there.


  • A girl has 7 babies. She has 20 apples so it makes 2 kg . She wants to give  each baby an equal part. How does she do ?





    To  know the answer highlight with your mouse between the arrows...


                                                      -------->she do compote<--------


    maxime petit 3 a


  • To class were esked to write poeme and presto that i made         






    One day ,

    I wish I went on the moon

    ...why ?

    On the moon it's marvelousbecause it' s calm , peaceful , beautiful .

    From the moon i would like to see the Earth and speace and the craters .

    I would love to smell the star's dust

    I'm dreaming of hearing the nothigness

    I wish I set on the moon to contemplete landscapes .

    If you have the some drim come with me ...


    From maxime petit 3 a the 02/03/2012 moka