• fourchette  =  a fork                                    bacon= du bacon
    coutaux     =  knife                                     egg = oeuf          

  •   Mira sounds fed up because she had a boring weekend. It was boring because she just watched TV and surfed the web.

    Sandra sounds excited because she had a fantastic weekend. She went to a club
    with fantastic DJ
    Tim sounds excited because he had an amazing time and he bought new trainers.

    Betty sounds sarcastic because Dan went shopping and she doesn't think it's amazing.

    Julia sounds embarrassed because she won the tennis tournament again.

    Good and Bads weekends.Good and Bads weekends.

  • Bonjour, cela fait quasiment 1 MOIS que nous ne nous sommes pas vus, et j'ai un tas de leçons a vous écrire :
    Bon.... PAS AUTANT !!!!
    Alors, aujourd'hui je vais parler de l'argent, je sais, en période de crise, cela va vous interresser !!!
    Bref, voici une petite expliquation en traduction et en images de livres sterling !!!
    Dejà, LA chose à savoir c'est "comment dire livre sterling en anglais ?"
    Eh bien, on doit dire "pound" pour l'argent principal et "penny (singulier) & pence (pluriel)" pour les sommes plus petites.
    Alors voila:
    -One penny:
    -Two pence:
    -Five pence:
    -Ten pence:
    -Twenty pence:
    -Fifty pence:
    -One pound:
    -Two pounds:
    -Ten pounds:
    -Twenty pounds:

    Et voilà, vous savez comment dire la monnaie anglaise !
    Good Bye !!!

  • For my birthday, I would like a comic strip.
    My parents are sometimes funny!:

    -How much is a comic strip?
    - 10 pounds .
    -10 POUNDS !!!!!!!!

    -A comic strip is expensive .
    -Oh please Mum please!!!!!
    -mhh...  ok .
    -Oh thank you mum . Thanks.


  • There are koalas and kangaroos everywhere in Australia. false
    There aren't kangaroos and koalas everywhere in Australia.Some Australians have never seen one!

    Sharks are always ready to eat you up when you go swimming. false
    Some persons have never seen a shark in the sea when they go swimming. Some live too far away to go swimming in the sea!

    All Australians are good surfers. false
    Some Australians live in the midlle of the desert so they can't be good surfers . Some Australians have never seen the sea!

    Rugby is the national sport in Austalia. false
    There's Australian football but there are a lot of sports such as soccer, golf, cricket, etc. . .

    It's always hot in australia. false
    In Tasmania the water is very cold in winter, for example!

  • You can answer these questions, and e-mail then to Mrs Jarry. =)

    - What is Internet?
    - What would the world be like without the internet?
    - Could you live without the Internet?
    - Is the Internet dangerous?
    - What kind of technology will replace the Internet?
    - What annoys you about the internet
    - Are you addicted to the Internet?
    - What do you think of social networking sites like facebook, MySpace and Bebo?
    - Can you remember the first time you used the Internet?
    - Do you think fingerprints or retina scans are better than ID cards?

  • The Australian flag's got six stars and it's got the flag of Great Britain. Australia's got a lot of beautiful landscapes such as Ayers rock or Uluru, tropical regions, a hot desert.                                                                        

    Uluru-KataTjutaNationalParkAustrali.jpg picture by springautumn_2007

  • Alwena thinks they should tell the police but Shanti says it's ridiculous.She doesn't agree with Alwena.Oliver insists it was fishy but Shanti says Mr Spencer is a teacher,not a criminal.

    Oliver isn't sure Mr Spencer is a teacher because he is different,but Shanti says maybe he is just very shy.

    Shanti admits Mr Spencer isn't shy,but she says they can't prove he's a criminal.

    They say they should watch Mr Spencer.They should spy on him. Shanti thinks it's dangerous but in the end,she says it's fun to be a detective.

    Bonjour, aujourd'hui je vais vous dire comment décrire son super hero favori. Alors, Pour dire mon super hero favori est "My favorite superhero is...". Ensuite pour le décrire il faut:
    -Dire si il/elle est un garçon ou une fille (It's a boy/She's a girl)
    -Dire si il/elle est fort ou non (It/She's (not)(very)strong)
    -Dire si il/elle est gros ou non (It/She's (not very) fat/thin)
    -Dire si il/elle est grand ou non (It/She's (not very) tall/small)
    -Dire si il/elle les cheveux de cette couleur ou bien long ou court (It/She has got longueur straight/curly couleur hair)
    -Dire si il/elle a un animal ou pas (It/She has got a animal/hasn't got a animal)
    -Dire pourquoi il/elle est fort (It/She's very strong because it/she's raison)
    Ensuite, toutes les petites choses sur la description
    Pour plus d'informations vous pouvez regarder ma description de mon personnage favori (au moins ca fera plus de pub)

    ET VOILA !!!!

    Good Bye ! Tanguy97



  • We have read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    We think some articles are very important.Children be treated equally.Children should free.Children should act nicely.

    Everyone has the some rights.No one should be treated as a slave.No one should be tortured.You should be protected everywhere.The law should be the same for all.
    You should be able to be helped.You shouldn't he put in prison with no good reason.
    You should be judged without influences.You are innocent until it's proved you are guilty....

  • A shopping mall or shopping centre is a building or set of buildings that includes galeries and  lots of stores.There is often music,a big car park, some fun activities.The shopping malls are always very big.

  •  My favourite superhero is Hellboy. We don't know his age. It is a boy. He is very tall and he  is not very fat. He is very strong and he has got long black hair. He has got brown eyes and and he has got small red horns. His body is completely red and he has got a square face. He has got a long red tail and he has got a small nose. He has got cats and he is half nice, half vilain. Hellboy is very strong and he is indestructible because he comes from hell.

    Good Bye !

  • It's Shanti's party. The kids are on the beach in Deal. Some are singing,others are playing ball and others are frying sausages,burgers.

    Oliver and Alwena are surprised because Mr Spencer is on the beach,he is getting into a dinghy....Shanti's party

    Bonjour, cela fait 3 semaines que je n'ai pas écrit d'articles.Alors, aujourd'hui, vous allez jouer à un petit jeu : je vais vous décrire une personnalité célèbre en six questions (en anglais bien entendu !) et ensuite vous essaierez de deviner la personnalité.
    commençons !!!

    1ère personnalité(e):
    -Is it a boy ?
    -Yes, it is !

    -Has he got black hair ?
    -No, he hasn't

    -Has he got short hair ?
    -Yes, he has

    -Has he got glasses ?
    -No, he hasn't

    -Has he got brown eyes ?
    -Yes, he has

    -Has he got a beard ?
    -Yes, he has

    Avez-vous trouvé ?
    Voici la réponce:

    George Clooney   

    Aviez-vous trouvé ? Si oui,cela vous fait 1 point, si non RIEN !!

    2ème personnalité(e):
    -Is it a boy ?
    -No,it isn't

    -Has she got long hair ?
    -Yes,she has

    -Has she got blond hair ?
    -No,she hasn't

    -Has she got brown eyes ?
    -Yes,she has

    -Has she got a round face ?
    -Yes,she has

    -Has she got red hair ?
    -No,she hasn't

    Avez-vous trouvé ?
    Voici la réponce:

    Sandrine Quétier

    Aviez-vous trouvé ? Si oui cela fait 1 point, si non RIEN !!!

    Maintenant, faites le total :

    -Si vous avez 2/2 points, BRAVO, vous êtes vraiment fort !!

    -Si vous avez 1/2 point, C'EST BIEN, mais vous pouvez faire mieux !!

    -Si vous avez 0/2 point, VOUS AVEZ PERDU (Tant pis !!!)

    A bientôt !!!


  • Conversation 1
    Shanti is having her birthday party tomorrow from 3 to half past six.

    Conversation 2
    Linda can't help John with his maths homework tomorrow afternoon because she's going to Shanti's party.

    Conversation 3
    Alwena is practising at the swimming-pool this afternoon she's coming to the party too.

    Conversation 4
    Clara is babysitting tomorrow,so she isn't going.

    Conversation 5
    Oliver is walking mrs Wilburn's dog, but he's going to the party.He wants to know what time is it.