•                                                     FRANCE

    I think there are 26 regions in France.





    Ther are 63 million inhabitants in France. 

     France is part of the European Union.

    The French national anthem is called  
     " La Marsellaise ".

    France national Day is on July 14th (the taking of the Bastille) .

  •  Japan is a little island in the Pacific Ocean. I love this island. I'am dreaming of going to Japan. Japanese people are really good at new technologies (computesr, games, mp3...etc)
    They have invented mangas. ( thanks japanese people!!!)
    The capital of Japan is Tokyo. This is a big town. There are a 12 million inhabitants. It's not a town it's a mega-town.
    Japanese  people really  love  traditions. They love tea(like English people ) They live in  flats.

    Voyage en Grande Bretagne

    It's really cool no?

    I love this town. There are  shops  everywhere. (we have too buy somethingcool i'am going buy mangas^^)

  • Let's have a carpet picnic !
    Why don't we learn to juggle with oranges ?
    Why not make up a dance ?
    Let's practise Sudoku strategies !
    Why don't we customize a t-shirt ?
    Why not start a blog ?
    Let's have a puppet show !
    Why don't we play hide-and-seek ?
    Why not paint Easter eggs ?                     
    Let's make snowglobes !
    Why don't we draw doodles ?
    Why not look at Dad's stamp collection ?

  •  Fireworks are very dangerous.

    there are four categories :
    K1 is for everybody.
    K4 is very very dangerous !!!
    We must have a certificate !!!

    there are different fireworks :
    there are  firecrackers and rockets.

    The colours can be very different :
    blue , red , orange , green , purple , white .

  • This manga speaks of vampires. The story takes place in an academy called Cross.In this academy  there are vampires who cohabits with humans But  nobody knows it. Yuki Cross ( the headteacher's daughter) is the  only one  who knows the secret. Kaname is a vampire. He save Yuki Cross when she is a little girls. Since she love him. This manga is very interested and he for everythings people.

    Voyage en Grande Bretagne


  • Voyage en Grande Bretagne  I have noticed I speak about mangas all the time. I hope it doesn't bother you!!!

    Today I'am talking about Hellsing. This manga is not for sensitive people. This manga speaks of vampires, blood and a a girl who becomes  a vampire at night. I was immediately interested in this captivating manga. This manga is a little scary but it is very exciting. It is the story of a young girl who becomes a vampire at night. Afters she joins an association called hellsing. This association kills gouls( not a good vampire who drinks humans' blood). This manga is for people who are over 10 years old.

    Voyage en Grande Bretagne

    Ps: Sensitive people, please, don't read it!


  • Shanti's birthday. the kids are playing football. Some are frying burgers and sausages. Alwena and Oliver are surprised. Mr spencer is hiding his face. He 's getting into a yacht. Maybe he's a spy or a smuggler.                    

  • They 3  pets favourite french :

    the dog :

    the dog and a mammal

    breed tooth

    best friend of boy 
    pet player

    the cat :

    the cat and a mammal 
    breed feline

    pet very sweet

    love good sleep


  •                                                   I                                         He/She/It                           We/You/They
    affirmation           :             I'm singing                               He's singing                         They're singing   
    négation              :          I 'm not singing                        She isn't singing                   They're not singing
    interrogation       :         Am I singing well ?                       Is It singing ?                     Are they singing ?
    réponses brèves : Are you singing tomorrow ?)                                                      
                                              Yes, I am                                     Yes, It is                           Yes, they are
                                             No, I'm not                                 No, She isn't                      No, they aren't  

  • Blender it a 3D software

    It costs 200 euros...
    But it's free !
    We can insert a monkey !

     a uv sphere...

    with a training ...

    It's extremely beautiful !

    and a "Pikmin"
    I haven't got a picture.
    And very very hard !
    You can try! download now !

  • Aujourd'hui je vais vous expliquer comment refuser ou accepter une invitation. Même en anglais il y a des bonnes manières.


    Are you coming to my birthday party tomorrow?
    Oups vous ne pouvez pas venir à cette fête, c'est dommage.
    Si vous êtes non civilisée:
    No I do not want to.
    Ce n'est pas très poli.
    Si vous êtes civilisé(recommandé):
    Oh sorry I can't come to your party. I'm going to the swimming-pool. I'm very sorry. But we can we see each other later?
    Ceci serait plus approprié, non, n'est-ce pas?

    Do you want to come to my birthday party  tomorrow?
    Vous pouvez venir et vous êtes super content.
    Si vous êtes non civilisé: Yeh. cool.
    Mhh pas très con
    Si vous êtes civilisé: Oh, great!!! It's  super. Of course, I'll be there. We'll  have fun!! Thank you so much!!!
    C'est beaucoup mieux comme cela et la personnes ne regrettera pas de vous avoir invité!!

    Voyage en Grande Bretagne

    Avez-vous tout compris? Répondez à ce quiz.

    Are you coming to my party?
    B:Sorry I can't come. I'm babytting.

    Are you coming to my birthday party?
    B:Oh yes it is super.Thanks for your invitation.


  • Shanti's birthday party is at three o'clock, from 3.00 to 6.30.

    Linda can't help John with his maths homework because she's going to Shanti's party tomorrow.

    Alwena is practising at the swimming-pool.She's going to the party as

    Clara is babysitting tomorrow, so she can't go to Shanti's party.

    Oliver is walking a dog. He doesn't know what time the party is.



  • Voyage en Grande BretagneOuran school is a manga for girls. The story takes place in a high shool, in a dating club. In this school there are only rich pupils. The members are: twins (They are always together), a small boy (he loves cakes and bunnies), an intelligent boy (his father is very rich), a big boy( he loves small girls), a romantic boy (He loves girl) and a girl who is not very rich.
    This manga is very funny!!


  • Whose socks are they ?
    - they are Mike's.
    - the socks are Mike's.
    - they are Mike's socks.

    Whose cricket bat is it ?
    - it's Mike's.
    - the cricket bat is Mike's.
    - it's Mike's criket bat


    She has got long blondrown hair,
     blue eyes.
    She is tall and thin.
    Her name is Marie and she is in 4ème.
    I love her!!!!!!

    Voyage en Grande Bretagne