• The Australian flag's got six stars and it's got the flag of Great Britain. Australia's got a lot of beautiful landscapes such as Ayers rock or Uluru, tropical regions, a hot desert.                                                                        

    Uluru-KataTjutaNationalParkAustrali.jpg picture by springautumn_2007

  • A shopping mall or shopping centre is a building or set of buildings that includes galeries and  lots of stores.There is often music,a big car park, some fun activities.The shopping malls are always very big.

  • Fashion in the 50's, 60's and 70's

    The 50's were the decade of the rebel look. Young men wore jeans, a leather jacket and the first T-shirts.  

    In the 60's the clothes were brighter , more colorful.
    They were often striped or checkered. It was the era of the mini-skirt.
    It was very shocking!

    In the late 60's or early 70's, for girls, the skirts were longer, looser and more comfortable.
    For boys, jeans were wider It was the time of the "bell-bottoms".
    Young men wore flowery pants and they had a long hair.

  • When it's winter break,I'll go to the mountains.I'll see the mountains with my parents!It's sooooo funny!I promise I'll bring back lots of souvenirs.

  • Dear Valentin

     HI !! What's up ?? and guess what ? I've won a weekend in New-York city ! Cool , Huh ? I can't waiiiiit :D

     And you know what ?? I'll going to the Empire State Building and I'll visit museums! I'm soooo excited !

     =P And perhaps I'll see the statue of liberty and times square, I love music and theater plays ! xD

     And I promise I 'llbring back souvenirs

     CU !! xoxoxo

     Lucas & Benjamin !

  • Pudding is a dessert for  Christmas dinner.The ingredients are:

    Ingredients (for 6 persons):

    - 250 g of dry bread - 1 can of concentrated milk ( standard size(cutting)) - 40 cl of milk - 2 eggs - 80 g of dark chocolate cut  - 80 g of pecan nut (either almonds(kernels), or hazelnuts chopped  - 1 bag of yeast.

    Make it andEnjoy it!!!


  •                        You won't believe this !!!
         I'm going to NYC this weekend !   :)
     So i'm going to Manhattan and I'm going to TIMES SQUARE

  • !!!!!!I've won a trip toNew York City!!!!!
    This weekend,I'll be in New York City
    I'm so excited!!!!!:) because:I'll visit the monuments ;)!!!!!
    I really hope we'll visit the Statue of Liberty,it is fantastic and I'll visit the zoo.Cool,huh?I promise, I'll bring back souvenirs.
    Bye Bye

  •   Hi Lucas !
    Guess what ? I've won a weekend in New York City !!!! :-) I can't believe it !! I'm soooooooooo happy !!!
    I'll probably see the statue of liberty. When I go there, I'll certainly visit the zoo in Central Park and at  night I want to see a concert !!
    I hope the weather will be good !! And I hope I'll love this weekend! I think it must be the most beautiful city in the world !!
    I promise I'll phone you every day ;-) I promise I'll bring back a lots of souvenirs !!
    Karl and Valentin.

  • ASAP :As soon as possible

    CU :See you

     :Laughing out loud

    ;-) :Winking smile

      : Happy

    X :Kiss

    XOXOXOXO :Hugs and kisses


    -Good evening sir.What can I get you?

    -Hello,I'd like sausages with fried potatoes and what's the apple pie?
    -It's a cake with apples.
    -So I want an apple pie
    -Would you like anything else with that?
    -Yes I'll have a soda please
    -Is  that all?
    -I'll be back in a minute.
    A minute after....
    -Here you go
    -Enjoy your dinner
     1 hour later .....
    -This is your check.


  • ONCE
    -The film talks about a guy who is a guitarist . He lives in Ireland, Dublin. The boy ,  plays
     in the street to win money .In the street , he meets a girl . The girl likes playing the piano in a music shop. They decide of create a group of music.
    If you want to listen to the music of the film: find it in this blog!