• I don't get any pocket money a month

    I buy clothes, I go out with friends.

    My sister steals my pocket money

    I give pocket money to my father to help him.

  • We win our Pocket money when we do chores in the house and for our parents . We don't have any pocket money if we do anything bad . We win between 10 or 15 euros . With our Pocket money , we buy food because we love eating.


     Lola Daniel - Loann le Guennec

  • We don't win pocket money.

    To win  Pocket money, we can help at home, for example in our bed-room or in the living-room. we can help our parents to cook. we can look after children in our family.

    We use our pocket money to go to cinema with our friends or buy  candy.

    Coralie et Manon. 

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    I had my first Pocket money  ten years ago. I got  Pocket money  by washing the car, cutting the grass,  doing the washing-up and helping my family.

    With my Pocket money I buy some clothes and some presents for my grand-mother .




  • The first time  we received our pocket money, we were 12 years old. It was 15 euros per month. We were very happy because for us it was a lot ! To have this money, we did many things : we washed dishes and the car , we cut the grass, we tidied our bedroom, we looked after our sisters, we did our homework, we vacuumed in our house...

    With our pocket money, we buy video games and we do trips with friends because it's very cool ! We love that !


                                                                                                                                                        Benjamin L.B and Julien L.P

     4ème Verte


  • To win a lot of pocket money,

    - We can deliver newspapers every morning before school.

    - We can take care of children when the parents are gone somewhere, it's babysitting.

    - We can do the washing-up, tidy our room or cut the grass.

    - We can create things and sell them.

    - We can do house chores. 


    Camille et Mélissande.  Pocket Money


  • We received our first pocket money at 10 years old. We had pocket money every week. We received our pocket money about washed  houses, washed cars, cut  lawns, babysat or dogsat. We earned around 10 dollars each time.

    With our pocket money , we buy clothes, sneakers, toys,  presents for our family and  friends.


    Juliette Getain, Julia Boschet, 4 ème V

  • To get  pocket money, I wash  the car and I tidy my room.

    I cut lawns. 

    I win a 5£ for weekend.




  • We win a 10 euros for a week.Our first pocket money was 9 years.We win a Pocket money by helping, old people. We carry bags, we wash cars. We also win do the housework, clean our bedroom, look after our brother or sister, cook dinner, vacuum, clean my house and peel vegetables.

    We spend our Pocket money  shopping for sweets.


    Mileva SARR and Eloïse MERCIER

    4ème VERTE

  • To win my pocket money I babysit. I look after my neighbour's children. Every time I look after children I win around 15$ for one day and I receive around 10$ for one afternoon or one morning.

    I aslo receive money from my parents when I mow the lawn or when I wash their car or I  food shop.

    We can win money by  helping old people or selling old  toys at car boot sales ...

    Or we sell clothes on websites or sell snacks on beaches.


    Léna D. and Lena A.



  •                     Martin Luther-King 

    • He was born in Atlanta on 15/01/1929 and he died Memphis on 4/04/1968.
    • He received the Nobel peace prize.
    • Martin Luther-King was a politician, he was  against violence.
    • On 28 august 1963, Luther King pronounced his celebrate speech " I have a dream " in front of 250 000 people.
    • Martin Luther-king was accused a frauding  tax .
    • He was imprisoned, he was released in 1963
    • In 1968 he was  assassinated.


  • Dario Fo  was born in Lombardi on 24 March 1926. He died in 1970.

    He created the most popular show, "Misterio Buffo"

    In 1973 his wife was kidnapped by a commando of extreme right members and she was tortured.


     In 1997 he won the Nobel  prize of literature 


     He died on  13 October 2016 at the  age of 90 old


  • Malala

    She was born in 1997 in Pakistan and she is 19 years old .

    In 2012, someone tried to kill her. She was grievously wounded and she was transported to a  hospital in the UK.

    She  created a blog in 2009.

    In 2013, she  met the president of the USA in the white house.

    She  received a nobel peace price in 2014 with an Indian and four other nobel prizes. She fought for the rights of women. 

    She had her own . It’s on July 12th


    Manon et Coralie




  • Patrick Modiano was born on 30 july 1945, he received the Nobel Prize of literature on 9 october 2014. He was the 15th frenchman to receive the Nobel Prize of literature. He wrote his 1st novel  "La Place de l'étoile" in 1968. In he past, he was an explorer.

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  • His nickname was Fred . His real name was Fréderick Sanger. He died on 19th november 2013. He received two Nobel prizes in chemistry. The first nobel prize in 1958 and the second one in 1980 with Paul Berg and Walter Gilbert. Fréderick Sanger He was one of the most important scientists of the 20th Century.