• Westminster Abbey, formally titled the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, is a large, mainly Gothic, church in the City of Westminster,London located just to the west of the Palace of Westminster. It is one of the most notable religious buildings in the United Kingdom and has been the traditional place of Coronation and burial site for English and, later, British monarchs. The abbey is a Royal Peculiar and between 1540 and 1550 had the status of a cathedral; however, the church is no longer an Abbey nor cathedral.


    The first reports of the abbey are based on a late tradition claiming that a young fisherman called Aldrich on the River Thamessaw a vision of Saint Peter near the site. This seems to be quoted to justify the gifts of salmon from Thames fishermen that the Abbey received in later years.




  • The House of Parliament is on the North bank of London in Margaret's street. It was built beetween 1840 and 1870 (but there was an old parliament before) by Sir Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin. It's a gorgeous gothic revival building. It's were the laws are voted. In the past the Parliament had several bomb attacks :

    - Guy fawkes wanted to blow up the Parliament in 1605

    -In 1812 the prime minister was assassinated there



    The house of Parliament


  • Tower bridge was built in 1880-1894 on the Thames near the tower of London. The bridge is located in the East of London. It constits of towers, a hiffer suspension, apron opening the passage of highest vessels and a bridge at the top. At the time of its construction,  Tower Bridge was the largest and the most shophisticated bascule bridge ever built. This bridge is famous around the world thanks to is unique architecture. It was built by John Jackson. There is a law : You can go on the bridge with your pigs. One day a bus was on the bridge when it was opening, the bus managed to pass, just in time. The bascule of Tower Bridge was initially powered by energy created from steam. Since 1976 Oil and electricity are being used to producted energy. It was in 1982 that Tower Bridge was opened to the public for first time. Since 1910 with a permanent exhibition called the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

  • I'm going to speak about rabbits.

    If you want to adopt one it's what you must  know:

    - The baby must be 2 months when you adopt him because before they are too young.

    - The rabbits are too young before 2 months for us to know if  he is a male or she is  a female. We know when they're ready to have babies (around 4 months old).

    - If you want one you must clean his cage because if you don't do it, it will  stink in your house.arf

    - You must  buy or make a wooden cage in his cage because at the start the rabbit will be afraid because he doesn't know where he is! So he wants to  to hide.

    Baby rabbits

    Now, some advice if you have babies:

    - The mother will be put straw into her mouth and take it into the wooden cage to make a nest where the babies will be born. The mother makes the nest 1 or 2 days before the babies are born.

    Babies look like that:

    Baby rabbits

    It's very horrible but when they're 2 weeks old they are sooo beautiful!


    - If you've got baby rabbits you MUSTN'T touch them. If you do the mother won't take care of them.

    -  Don't touch the mother because if she is very protective. She can bite or scratch you to protect her babies.

    - Generally, the mother has between 4 and 6 babies  (dwarf rabbits).

    - If you want to give the babies they must be 2 months old.

    It's finished. I hope it was useful for you.

    There are some photos. My rabbits look like these!!!!

    Baby rabbits

    Baby rabbits

    Baby rabbits

    Baby rabbits


    Baby rabbits

     Bye bye




  • Dear Mr and Mms Mitsukos,

    Thank you for the leaflets . I'm so excited .

    I'm never seen turtles and sharks . I love penguins and

    I'd like to see some, They are sooooo cute !

    I'd like to go to  the Healesville Sanctuary because I enjoy wild life .


    Aline and Océane .

  •                                                                                                                                              23 rue de l'arkansas



    Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos

    Thank you very much for having me on the exchange cool

    I've read the leaflet and it all looks fantastic.


    I prefer the Penguin Parade,on Philip Island.

    It looks great.I love Penguins,they are cute.money


    Thank you again for preparing such great holidays for me!!!! I'm soo excited.wink2


    Done Joakim,Ferid

  • Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsouko                         7 rue du Zimbabwe

    Thank you for having me , I am so  excited to come to Australia to Melbourne .

    I'd love to visit the Melbourne Aquarium .

    I am quite adventurous but not a real dare-devil . I think i'd like to go and watch a cricket match in Melbourne .

    I'd also love to go to Philip Island to see the penguins , it's soo fascinating !    

                                                                                                         Greetings .

                                                                                                    Mister X

  •                                                                                        6  Avenue de Moka 35400 st Malo

    Dean Mr and Mrs Misoukos                                                                        

    Tank you for the letter, I'm so excited to go to Australia because i've never seen  a cricket ground

    But i've already been to the melbourne aquarium it is fabulous. I would love to see the penguin parade, it looks thrilling.

    Thank you again for preparing such great holiday forme ! =D




  • 7 rue de Madrid

    Thank you very much for having me on the exchange. I'm soooo excited to come to Australia. I would like to visit the Melbourne Aquarium because I've never seen a shark before. I would like to go to the Healesville Sanctuary because I love animals. I"ve already been to a zoo before. I'm dave devil !!!intello


    Emma Ronaldo & Babeth Ibrahimovic  bad  Hala Madrid !!!<3<3 yeszzzhesmilewink2sarcasticclown

  •                        13 avenue de la République.

    Saint-Malo France

    9th April



    Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos,


    Thank you for having me on the exchange, I'm so excited to come.

    I'd love to visit the aquarium, it's very fascinating.

    I like  fish because it's fabulous, i'm interested in wildlife, the sharks are very impressive and I'd also love to see the rays, they are so huge !

     Thank you very much,


    Anaïs and Enora


  •                                                                                                                                         5 rue du clos colin

                                                                                                          St-Malo   35400                                                                                                                                       9th April

    Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos,


    Thank you for the leaflet and for having me .

    I'm so excited to come to Australia I've never seen penguins before .

    I'm looking forward to meeting you .

    See you soon,

    greetings .


  • Hello,

    Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos,

    Thank you for these leafltets, I've seen everything and I've made my choice.

    I'm interested in a the ''Melbourne Aquarium''. It looks fantastic !

    I've never seen sharks before, they are so huge in a picture .

    I'm so excited ! I can't wait to see the massive rays and the sea turtles .

    It looks like a magic adventure ! smile

    Thank you again for preparing great holidays for me, and I'm in a hurry to meet you !



                                                         Manon & Alexandra .



  •     09/04/2014                                                                                                                                                           Lillemer


    Dear Mr and mrs Mitsoukos Thank you for the leaflet of the Melbourne Aquarium. I love marinelife ! I'm afraid sharks, but I love colorful fish. I'm not a dare-devil but i'm not easily scared ! I'm so excited !


                 smile                Martin and Louis


    57 boulevard  de moka

    Saint Malo France

                                                                                                                                                                 8th April

    Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos,

    Thank you for your letter and the leaflet .

    Im sooo excited cool to  go to the Melbourne Aquarium, it looks paradise for fish and coral lovers !! I'd love to swim with fish because it looks fantastic .

    I'd like to see the penguin parade too because they are cute and fun !yes


    Fondly , money


  • 12 rue Camille Corot

    Saint Malo France

    4th April

    Dear Mr and Mrs Mitsoukos,

    I'm really excited to come to Melbourne. Alle the leaflets look fantastic but if I can choose, I prefer to go to the Melbourne Aquarium. There is an aquarium in Saint Malo it isn't fabulous. I'd also like to go to the Melbourne cricket ground because cricket doesn't exist in France and it looks fantastic and I'd like to go to the Healesville sanctuary because I've never seen any Australian animals.

    I'm really happy to meet you.